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State of Georgia - Specification

Critical Components Inc.-  Specification Rep
120 Interstate N Pkwy SE, Bldg 300 Suite 305
Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: (770) 933 5511
Fax: (678) 868-2211 

Georgia and Alabama- Showroom

Rottner Lighting Sales

Email: Michael Rottner

Email: Mark Rottner

Office: 678-585-9912

State of Georgia - Showrooms

Lumen Resource- Showroom

Michael Rottner


Catoosa, Dade, Murray, Walker, Whitfield Counties

Chattanooga Lighting Sales-  Specification Rep

46 West Street
Ringgold, GA 30736

Phone: (706) 935-8843
FAX: (706) 935-8847

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