EZ Jack

CPEJRT14 Low Voltage 14 Light Modular Canopy

Our newest canopy innovation is modular in concept. Unparalleled in it's versatility, our new 14 light canopy offers the ability to make a multitude of head or pendant  placement variations and at the same time cover any unused and unsightly open ports.  We have designed a  simple half dome that covers up to 10 ports on the canopy.  Simply screw on the half dome and decoratively cover a port if you desire.  Forexample, if you want to change your 14 light canopy to a 10 light
application simply cover any 4 ports you desire.

Powered by 2 x 150 watt electronic tranformers you can go as low as only using 4 of the14 ports.

We also can offer the canopy for LED applications.

Finally a solution that does not necessitate purchasing several  different canopies when one will do the job of several!!!!

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Model Finish Lamp

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